Full Stack Video Part 1: Silver Bars (1,400 oz)

Full Stack Video Part 1:  Silver Bars (1,400 oz)

Well I finally got around to doing a full stack bar video. It was too difficult to include all my rounds and coins, junk silver, etc. on this one, so I’ll do that one in part 2 shortly. I…

25 thoughts on “Full Stack Video Part 1: Silver Bars (1,400 oz)

  1. BruceBlitzHasTits

    you reach a certain point in your stacking journey when you realize that
    it’s all just the same thing with different stamps and shapes. silver is
    silver. all you really care about is weight. my 2cents

  2. Cull Silver

    What a great collection of bars. You pretty much have it all covered. I
    am amazed that the older bars are really claiming a very high premium. And
    you have the US Assay 100 oz poured bar, what can I say other than
    “Jackpot”. I laughed when I saw the Smokey the Bear bar, as when I first
    started those kind of bars were equal to the Lunar series now, lol. Great

  3. Norrin Radd

    Awesome collection! Your iPhone camera did a great job. looked better than
    a lot of videos I’ve seen with people that have big camcorders. I subbed
    your channel. take care

  4. ThesharpNshiny

    Wow! That is a healthy bar collection. I love Silver bars, and may just
    have some on the way LOL. Thanks for the show

  5. Silver Siren

    Really impressive hoard there, I like how you put the vintage bars front
    and center. Quite a few of those we have too, I may do a bar video at some
    point, but first I’ll have to show some Mexican treasure, but to do that I
    have to actually make a video, and I’m slacking *big time* on that front
    lately, and not +Silver Slacker style slacking, actual slacking LOL

  6. Silver Slacker

    Wow, what a beautiful sight! I loved every minute of this video! So many
    cool vintage bars! That is a lot of silver that you have picked up in just
    8 months! Go big or go home huh? 🙂 I’m on my bar kick again now that I
    put the Lunar Set together. I have a very cool unboxing on the way and
    can’t wait to show it to you. It is modern stuff, but I think you will
    like it :)

  7. Silver Hub

    Your bar collection is amazing! Thanks for sharing. How long did this take
    you to set up? This had to be a lot of work.

  8. Marcus Silveritis

    It,s not fair that I have to go so long between vid,s of this magnitude.I
    have been waiting to see your vintage stuff.Your getting very good at
    finding it.Thank,s for the look.Really cool.

  9. Silver Holds The Future

    Truly an impressive display, not just the troy weight, but also the history
    and diversity in your ingots. Just as you have been guided and inspired
    others, now you are doing the same. You and others like you and the videos
    that you post are a cornerstone of this community and the ongoing education
    that contributes to the understanding of what precious metals and the
    people who hold them are all about. Thank you for sharing your detailed and
    accurate representation of your stack.

  10. SilverSekeer1

    Wow! The holy grail! Thanks for sharing. The bars look amazing, especially
    with all the patina and toning going on!! Keep on stacking! 

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