Gold at $2000 Why and When?

Gold at 00 Why and When?
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25 thoughts on “Gold at $2000 Why and When?

  1. buzzz121

    There is a Universal intellegence! its an energy and every molecule in the
    universe is connected to this commonality. we are part of this energy only
    manifesting itself in our physical body currently. Call it God or what you
    want but This is not what keeps the masses down it is religion.

  2. Tim James

    gold $2000 when priced in U.S daollars but how will it do for us Canadians
    who price it in our currency? Anybody

  3. TheAudiorub

    i wish i would have know sooner to buy silver how mush time do you think i
    have to get silver b4 the crap hits the fan.

  4. Bacon ified

    $1048 now. Yippee. Mind you the Euro and the Dollar ain’t worth shit. Thank
    you Alan, thank you Ben.

  5. Gamer Gal

    MOT I know what you mean about going thru a divorce. I’m going thru one
    right now too after a 25 year marriage. It is tough and I’m also starting
    over. It is very scary. He totally blindsided me. I had no iidea it was

  6. GigmongerStine

    Gold is good… silver is better. where Gold tends to hedge, silver should
    return exponentially higher. Silver is waaaaaay under-valued and
    manipulated far more than gold is. And what many are not aware of, is that
    silver is actually more scarce than gold. Where gold for the last 4,000
    years is largely still in possession, silver has been constantly consumed.
    Its in your electronics, its still used in the film industry, it has
    medical benefits, etc., etc. …. continued…

  7. badsign1980

    would anybody buy gold at 2000 oz? no, so it wont happen because ppl that
    go into gold market want it to trade for money or goods and its not worth
    it paying 2000 of money that still works in gold, , you have also a exemple
    of hiperinflation in germany to contrast and see hoe high gold gort in that
    situation and then put it into mopdern days currency and facts, this is not
    the 1930s ederal reserve and banks are crating bubles to cash in andd
    destroy economy, use your brain before buying

  8. Mr2wings

    2000 PER OZ……. jULY 15TH 1210 PER OZ a YEAR OR TWO OFF. However you are
    on track ….

  9. Moe Joe King

    @hunkgod price of gold stays flat your dollar doesn’t stay flat for example
    your 1 dollar bill is worth 1(in 2006) and then .9(2007) your 1 dollar
    worth of gold is worth 1(in 2006) and then 1(2007) so in 5 years u would
    feel as if u where paying 2x more for the same amount of gold but the value
    did not change what so ever

  10. Jankers

    If the messiah stories spread from the middle east the world will split, we
    are already conditioned to it. Its the ultimate (R)ace card and the west
    doesnt hold it.

  11. tibherius

    @LIESoftheLEFT man im ajewler myself and its gonna be higher than that
    today gold price 1247 an ounce

  12. RenegadeTimes

    MOT ~ No nonsense info.and I like that. May I ask your Month and day of
    birth ? Thanks so much !

  13. ieatpizza666

    @bellcord in a month it will be up by $112 dollars, in 3 months $336, in 6
    months or so gold will hit $2000! True the fat man in the video says iit
    will be $2000 now but he is not far wrong. But will this matter? Will it be
    the end of world? Who knows???

  14. dokkiro

    All you have to figureout is the amount of money printed. Americans cannot
    print anymore money. It should retain 1000$ mark. Or $ wouldn’t be worse
    anything at all.

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