Gold Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Australia’s Gold Coast is in the heart of subtropical Queensland, rife with natural beauty and a human spirit dedicated…

25 thoughts on “Gold Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Mahmud omar

    woow!Australia is so amazing . beautiful so acquainted 2nature.i love your
    videos Expedia♥

  2. Chris Pones Productions

    Expedia you guys are making fantastic youtube travel guides! As a gold
    coast local, you guys have nailed it right done the the coffee cup at
    Burleigh heads! Keep up the good work.

  3. Brigita Shela

    I was there 3 months ago for 2 weeks and I couldn’t agree more about Gold
    Coast’s beauty! Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Burleigh Heads and
    Coolangatta are just stunning places to go. I also went to O’Reilly’s near
    the Mount Tambourine and the place was heavenly beautiful. Thank you for
    making a good video of the Gold Coast. I cannot wait to go there again

  4. Cédric ARTES

    We live on the Gold Coast and this is very well done to talk about all the
    beauty of the Gold Coast in a not too long video! Well done Expedia!

  5. Sherwyn D'Souza

    I just lovee your videos expedia. Your videos give me a awesome glimpse of
    the world. Just one suggestion, please add Greece (Athens) in your list

  6. Jessica Vicente

    Merci beaucoup pour votre vidéo ainsi que pour avoir mis les sous-titres en
    français. Je l’a trouve superbe merci! 

  7. lachie borg

    Can’t wait until October that’s when we move there. We live in a small town
    called ballarat in Victoria and in 2 months we are moving to a popular city
    in Queensland. CANT WAIT!!!!!

  8. Tegan O'Connor

    My cousin works at the skypoint oversation deck and got me and my family up
    for free

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