PokéPlay: Pokémon Lost Silver – Halloween Special

Nintendo fans, unite!▻http://tinyurl.com/NintendoFan You guys have been asking for it for months, so here it is! My playthrough of the Lost Silver game, based on a 2010 Pokémon creepypasta….

25 thoughts on “PokéPlay: Pokémon Lost Silver – Halloween Special

  1. Ashlee Elizabeth

    When it said “HURRY HAS FAINTED!” It just said. “Leave.”
    So.. I’m writing this on a piece of paper and this is what i know: Maybe
    Leave Hurry
    He Died
    I’m Dead
    Who are you kid?

  2. Terro Storm

    There is lost silver forgotten red but there’s another one what is it I
    can’t remember. Was it black something? 

  3. Aveisha Ungson

    You realized your Unnown and Cyndaquil spelt
    *”L E A V E HURRY”*
    Right? right?

  4. Eleanor Abernathy

    This wasn’t creepy, just really, really boring.This was like someone
    failing to make a scary story.

  5. Ashlee Elizabeth

    It actually says “Leave, Hurry!” Like leave this place. Was i the ONLY one
    that understands that? It wasn’t “Leave Hurry” Or maybe “Please, Hurry!”
    And “Please, Leave! Hurry!” Like “You’re running out of time!” 

  6. Max Lane

    Yeah, there was a lot more. The symbols most likely change every time you
    go to a new location, so the location of “WHO ARE YOU KID” Probably had
    more to do with unknown letters. Plus, isn’t there a battle with a dead
    Prof. Oak or something towards the real end? The statues in the bottom of
    bell tower looked… odd. Something has to be attached to them. Plus, the
    game was still going with the, “Save Yo… has forgotten Nightmare!” The
    first part, save your, must mean you are supposed to save your game,
    remember how it said you could not save when TheJWittz tried to? You HAVE
    to do something with the menu. Like look at your player ID more often. That
    may have clues. Oh! And you should have looked at your map in the pokegear
    when you were at the towns. But still… X:E:A:V:E… The X could represent
    that the First letter is done, and you need to get rid of the rest.
    Possibly… yeah, if Cyndaquil did not forget Nightmare, there is more and
    that message could have simply been an instruction, or warning.

  7. TheGCritic

    How is this scary? It’s tries to be scary, but it’s dull and boring. Easter
    Egg on Mount Silver and Cubone’s Revenge are MUCH scarier than Lost Silver,
    and one doesn’t have a hack, but you can read it and it’s still creepier
    than this. Lost Silver is the most overrated thing in Pokemon since

  8. Piper Imboden

    Dont download it! it freaks up your computuer to the point it cannot be
    fixed and all your data is gone. if you mistakly downloaded it backup your
    data and get rid of it comepletly! I like the game and all but it will
    seriously ruin the computer/labtop just dont download it whatever you do.
    if you do your gonna regret life choices

  9. Isaac Pimentel

    Try repeating it, I figured that the X Unown meant that you’d used a first
    try or something.

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