2015 Full Gold And Silver Stack

2015 Full Gold And Silver Stack

My full gold and silver stack so far. I started stacking about 2 months ago because I wanted to invest in something real and tangible.
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25 thoughts on “2015 Full Gold And Silver Stack

  1. plasterofparisify

    Your two months of stacking is more than my entire stack. Great video

    Keep stacking!

  2. silverhair stacker

    Wow! Incredible amount of silver and gold for the time spent. Also seems
    like you are getting a variety that will hold value. Subbed and liked.
    Good Luck and God Bless!

  3. Silver Siren

    If that is mint luster “cartwheeling” on those pre1933 gold coins, it would
    suggest they haven’t been cleaned. Very impressive hoard!

  4. Yousef AL-Yousef Gold&Silver Coins collector

    Check out my Chanel start doing coins videos hope u will like them :’D

  5. Jonathan Maes

    Great stack. It’s such an addiction. I really love the 2015 year of the
    goat coins and the kookaburra’s. It’s a fun way to invest and save. Keep
    up the good work.

  6. silver buyer

    Awesome variety man. Very impressive stack for just 2 months! Video quality
    was great BTW. I think YouTube up converts vids to HD or something because
    all mine are done on a cell & surface rt tablet and I think they all have a
    HD symbol next to them. Liked, commented, and subscribed! 

  7. LHomme Argentum

    wow!!! Go big or Go Home…. 🙂 I’ve only been stacking for a little
    over 3 months, not including my Constitution coinage, and I wish I could
    afford a big 10 oz gold piece. Nice stack. I particularly like the 10 oz
    silver bars and generics, especially the Provident Prospector, though I’d
    like to get a gold double-eagle to add some color. Liked and

  8. Bullion Tower

    Incredible stack! Really like the Double Eagles. Subbed and looking
    forward to more.

  9. Jeffrey Bromfield

    You started off your stacking gun’s a blaze’n. LOL .I’m about to start my
    gold and silver collection this month. 

  10. John Doe

    Just an FYI APMEX is overpriced. JM bullion is cheaper. Provident if you
    order more than 5k its way cheaper than anything else. 

  11. Silver Hub

    Wow! What a great stack in such a short amount of time! Love all that
    Perth! Liked and subscribed!

  12. swansea007791

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, i’m suing you ! You should have put a
    health warning at the start of this video, i almost choked on my chicken
    wing (not a euphemism) ! Or you can just send me that stunning 2oz Gold
    Year of the Goat and we’ll say no more about it,LOL.

  13. Lawrence Martin

    Well done. I like the balance you struck between rounds and bars and
    premium and generic silver. I also like the balance between the gold and
    silver. It looks like you have put a lot of thought into your stack. Subbed
    and liked.


    Wow…Great start… love the old gold and the 2oz. Goat…it looks well

  15. mimaroo

    Wow!! What a stack in only 2 months! I’ve been stacking since about January
    of 2013, dollar cost averaging as I go along. My stack is almost as big as
    yours, lol! Love your variety. I must admit I have given away a lot of
    silver to the kids in my life. I want them to have something of worth for
    birthdays and Christmas

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