Proof of banks manipulating the gold spot price – London Gold Fix

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6 thoughts on “Proof of banks manipulating the gold spot price – London Gold Fix

  1. MrMnmn911

    Sean on has done interviews and reports on the London Fix.
    Very unusual how the price is fixed by a “select few” individuals. They’ve
    also recently found that silver prices have been fixed by “select few” even
    longer than gold.

    I just think if I can own something of value in my hand…right now it
    should be silver and gold. I also know the paper notes and widgets I have
    are losing their value every day.

    I think it’s great that gold has come down some. That gives me chance to
    get some.

    I do believe gold prices are down because they want the common people to
    not lose faith in their fiat money scam.

  2. Brian TheLog

    Thats life the rich and powerful call all the shots but as a comment below
    me said if they didnt do this maybe we could not afford to even buy silver
    because it would be too expensive. Just roll with the punches for now…
    gold and silver will go up in price and well within our lifetimes!

  3. hotneo7

    We should thank them and we can afford the metals without a time machine.
    Perhaps when silver hits $100 per oz we will look back and wish for a time
    machine to buy more at these low prices. Maybe this research has something
    to do with the banker suicides…better get used to seeing bullion out of

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