What Color is This Dress? White and Gold or Blue and Black?

Is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and other people can’t agree and we’re freaking out. This thing changed color in front of my face. Please comment and share! The colors…
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25 thoughts on “What Color is This Dress? White and Gold or Blue and Black?

  1. MrSteve974

    I see white and gold, or blue and gold, but… WHERE IS BLACK ?!?
    Black remains black, regardless of the color of the light or brightness!

  2. exostalker

    There is a right answer, as the dress is actually made from black and blue
    materials, however, there is a lot going on that changes the perception and
    people see it differently.

  3. TheLeftLibertarianAtheist

    Well, according to Wolfram|Alpha, the picture actually shows the colors
    dark khaki and lavender.

  4. S. Commander THOR

    OH MY GOD!! this thing is freaking me out, at first i thought what is this
    nonsense, it’s obviously white and gold, one hour later viewing it a second
    time, it is now blue an black, like obviously blue and black, my brain is
    playing games with me, damn you brain!! why can’t you be a bit more

  5. littlefrank90

    I still don’t know how people can see white in this.
    It’s clearly blue, i analysed this picture with an html palette and it says
    it’s blue, as blue as I see it.
    I have doubts about black being black or gold because of the light, but
    blue is not fucking white.

  6. Fleegsta

    I don’t see the illusion here.. I actually have desaturation on my monitor
    turned off, and the colors in the image is exactly as I see it: Gold and
    blue. I tested by color sampling in ms paint. I was right, it’s
    yellowish-brown/gold and blue.

    I really don’t get how this is an illusion.. This is a dumb one..

  7. Power Max

    I think this has to do with the way our brains automatically attempt to
    remove overcast hue from everything, so that things, say, under the light
    of 6000K metal halide, objects appear white, as would objects under
    incandescent lighting, of like 2500-2800K once our eyes adjust.

    When your eyes adjust to the warm glow of incandescent, and it seems
    normal, and white things in the room look white. At the same time, it seems
    like the outside porch or shaded areas outside, with like 8,000-10,000K
    ambient light is really blueish, but if you go outside and stay in that
    lighting condition, your eyes adjust to the new “white.” which then seems
    the norm, and the light inside looks really gold/yellowish. It is like the
    white balance in a camera.

  8. Raul Torres

    Is it supposed to be an optical illusion? I seem to always just see blue
    and gold. Never any white or black.

  9. Power Max

    It looks really light blue and brown to me. I have tried looking at this
    image surrounding myself with 5500K high CRI LED lighting, as well as 2500K
    incandescent light, along with pasting that image into paint to see and
    filling the white background with light pale yellow color, or blueish color
    along with the lighting of choice. I cannot see black as part of this at

  10. WindowsHacks 7/8

    iits blue + black and gold+white when you hav a laptop and push the sceen
    away from u its blue+black ☻♥

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