Monster gold and silver from detecting the lake beach

Finding multiple silver AND multiple gold rings from 8 hours of hunting this beach was something I never expected. Here I am hunting a dry swimming beach at a drought stricken lake. I had…
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25 thoughts on “Monster gold and silver from detecting the lake beach

  1. Bama Guy

    Wouldn’t you have a lot of beach if there was a drought? Something sounds
    wrong in your logic. Less water = more beach, right?


    Nice movie best regards Joop Visser from Holland.
    I do my hobby metal detecting almost 45 years.

  3. MsGoturbo

    Thank you for showing the amount of garbage you dug up compared to the
    treasures you found. Keeps me from getting discouraged.

  4. notafraid06

    best part was the end which kept it in perspective for the guy whos waiting
    on his first detector in the mail. Looks fun, was looking at sand scoops,
    they seem expensive. whered you get yours

  5. BlueBerry

    hi i am a fan! what is the metal detector you are using? brand name etc
    please? ^_^ thanks!!

  6. Herb Stimple

    Thumbs up and subscribe just for returning the class ring. You’re a good

  7. Jeff Corbin

    Yes that was really great video on everything that you found. How hard was
    it to track down the owner? Of all the rings that I have found (not many)
    have yet to find a class ring. 

  8. malcolmpotter

    Nice hunt and Bling Bling 🙂 good on yah for tracking down the owner.
    Those conditions are ideal as it opens up areas that would normally be too
    deep to hunt. Wish we had freshwater lakes like that here in UK where I am.
    Just mud pools where no one wants to swim.

    HH Mal

  9. alan30189

    +yvonneost12 Usually, kids have their initials carved into the inside of
    the ring. You can track the person down by High School, then year of
    graduation, then find the person with those initials. Calling the school to
    look that person up would be easiest. Sometimes you can find yearbooks at
    public libraries and find the person that way as well.

  10. Ultimateufochannel

    pat on the back for this man………..for the return, going that extra
    mile for looking him up.

  11. Pedro Navajas

    I like the last part showing the garbage. It takes a lot of effort to find
    those keepers. Nice job

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