Young Guns Webisodes – Gold Coast

With legendary wildman Matt Hoy playing chaperone, Young Guns Balaram Stack, Kanoa Igarashi, Jack Robinson and friends join Kelly Slater, Ry Craike, and Steph Gilmore as they raise hell on the …

The most dangerous and thrilling ride at movie world theme park gold coast. Green lantern.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “Young Guns Webisodes – Gold Coast

  1. john johnson

    that kids voice is gold

  2. Rory Ellis

    Thats like comparing Rob Machado and Kelly Slater… Two totally different
    approaches and styles to surfing.

  3. Porter Harry

    not necessarily that they have the same style, but they are both known for
    their outstanding freesurfing

  4. Porter Harry

    no yeah, that’s what i was saying, different style, just known for their
    freesurfing. and clay is actually my favorite as well. he’s so good and the
    maneuvers he pulls and the barrels he makes are so ridiculous.

  5. ThalassTKynn

    When I saw this earlier this year they were holding the cars at the first
    drop, which would increase the scariness.

  6. Emma Kellett-Lunney

    I went on this a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I loved it so much
    that I rode it twice! I would have ridden it more but the queue got really
    big :

  7. Casandra Lin

    I loved it though it wasn’t scary enough for me- I think I would enjoy the
    Tower of Terror II in Dreamworld and the slingshot ride ; ) im a 13 yr old
    thrill rider abd always up gor for something thrilling! !

  8. Emmy Gerard

    How can they not have shoulder restraints? How does your body not fall
    right out?

  9. Ravi Kumar

    it doesn’t matter how slow it is its how big it is ….. go sit on it your

  10. xXxMagicWolfxXx

    When I went on it for the first time I think I killed everyone’s eardrums 

  11. Yo Deadly

    Went on it last week, the seats on the outside of the carriages are not
    over the tracks, what a feeling !!! Think I prefer the superman more
    tho… love the speed

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