Massive Silver Find in Cincinnati Home: 19,400 One Troy Ounce Silver Bars

Massive Silver Find in Cincinnati Home: 19,400 One Troy Ounce Silver Bars

Someone had apparently been hoarding silver for years, perhaps decades, hiding individual one ounce silver bars in this chest until it contained 19400 silver bars and weighing in at over 1200…
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24 thoughts on “Massive Silver Find in Cincinnati Home: 19,400 One Troy Ounce Silver Bars

  1. Cincinnati

    To those voicing skepticism at the video, and at the bars seen, ask
    yourself how long of a video would be required to show ALL 19,000+ bars, in
    an attempt to convince the nay-sayers. We had chopped about an hours’ worth
    of video down to the five minutes seen here, for brevity’s sake. What were
    you guys wanting to see? An hour-long documentary?

  2. BornNRaisedNBama

    Silver was going for nearly $39 an oz back in 2011. Which would have
    fetched nearly 3/4 of a million US dollars. Awesome find.

  3. The MIGHTY SMAUG!! !!

    Badass find! That is a monster collection! Makes my scraps look like

  4. Noah Michael

    Still picking my jaw up off the I don’t know why people are
    calling fake, “preppers” and even collectors amass giant hoards of silver,
    gold, guns, etc. You just so happened to find this mans silver collection.
    If he was so careful and meticulous as it sounds, I would be willing to bet
    this is not his only collection. He probably had a “fall back plan” of
    silver/gold somewhere else on the property…I’d get the metal detector out
    and start looking for it.

    Epic, epic find. Will you melt it, sell it, or keep it?

  5. Bobby Bullion

    Tinfoil plus 1 layer of crappy ounce coins stacked on books does not add up
    to 19400 ounces it adds up to a loser trying to lie to us.

  6. Adam Adamson

    You can see the foil under the first layer! also if you showing the silver
    off why wouldn’t you show us at least a glimpse of you emptying the
    suitcase, you took the time to empty it why not show us at least some of it
    because it is FAKE!

  7. David Hefner

    My aunt’s husband’s brother committed suicide about twenty four years ago.
    He worked for Standard Oil. Anyway….he did not believe in banks. He also
    never married and lived alone. He hid all his money around the house. Under
    the carpet, under the floor, inside walls….everywhere. I got to help go
    through the house looking for all the money. It was amazing. His brother
    was also a tight wad. I did a lot of work that day and never received a
    single penny after discovering thousands of dollars. Funny though….and I
    just happened to think of this….no one searched the yard for what might
    be buried. Oh shit.

  8. benlyons83

    Just wondering why you didn’t show the unstacked pile of silver bars?
    Thats the very reason you have so many doubters.. Just seems fake. 


    If these are troy ounce bars, then the weight would be 1,616 lbs. Something
    is fishy here. What is the case sitting on ? Not many tables would hold the

  10. Brinda Mitchell

    This guy found silver bars. Silver is worth twice as much as gold right

  11. Ernest Ross

    lol i love these people who say to give it back, you need to ask yourself,
    if you had that many silver bars, would you leave it behind, no the guy
    that owned that house probably died or something and had no family to go
    through the house

  12. squadleader3

    When you’re right you’re right. Hold on to those ingots. Many silver
    stackers can only dream of having that much silver. You lucked out and got
    it in one shot. Don’t let go of it till silver goes up to $100.00 an

  13. Keith Beedie

    Honest to god, I am not jealous, envious or bitter… 🙂 If I had found
    that lot, think benny hill soundtrack and going nuts in the garage… 

  14. skiingpowder10

    Worked his whole life collecting his wealth to leave it like that …wild

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