Stock Super Bubble Setting Up For Crash – Mike Maloney

Stock Super Bubble Setting Up For Crash - Mike Maloney

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25 thoughts on “Stock Super Bubble Setting Up For Crash – Mike Maloney

  1. GLR: Wertperspektive

    Mike zur Frage “Steht jetzt ein #Aktiencrash bevor?”
    #Aktien #Börse

  2. mancroft

    Mike, what happens when the BOND market and associated derivatives bubble
    explodes? This bubble is far more serious than the stock bubble.

  3. James Winz

    When someone tells you to buy gold, you have to wonder if he’s right, if he
    tells you to buy gold in his company or affilliated company or sponsor, RUN
    and don’t look back, he’s looking out for his own interests.

  4. Wittmann73

    too bad all the cheap currency goes into stocks and real estate, not
    precious metals.

  5. Nicholas Robinson

    Hi Mike.
    Is there a detailed video of how to exchange physical silver for
    undervalued stocks. Ie, the step by step process of liquidating that stack
    of silver then best companies to approach and then which shares (may) be
    best to buy etc?


  6. Carol Kelly

    The near future is truly frightening, but rich people’s money should be the
    least of our concerns.
    The Americans started a war in the middle east and destabilized the entire
    Islamic world. It is a war they started and they will have to finish –
    bankrupting themselves in the process. Will the Chinese buy up American
    debt and prevent this crash? All the meddling Americans did to central and
    south America since the 60’s never had these kinds of consequences.
    I don’t agree with buying up gold. You can’t eat gold. Buy yourself a
    piece of property where you can grow your own food, and be prepared to
    assist your neighbour. 

  7. Mirco Romanato

    The stock will crash or they will print so much paper to keep the prices
    high they will hyperinflate.

  8. Deathrape2001

    Gold peddling nonsense =)) “Wooo the sky is falling & gold never goes up
    or down, especially if U R paying over market price 4 some hammered coins
    I’m selling’ ‘ HAHAHAHA

  9. Monty Burns

    I think that we are in the midst of years of controlled crashes. Those
    controlling the markets with the aid of high-frequency trading and naked
    short-selling are attempting to spread the crashes by sector, beginning
    with the energy sector and the crash in oil. The markets are all rigged for
    booms and busts. When those controlling them feel that it’s time for a
    crash (i.e. when they are well-positioned to gain from it), they will
    trigger a crash in any respective market. Next to crash will likely be tech
    companies while most of sectors rally to keep most market indices going
    sideways (except the USD, which won’t “crash” but correct from it’s current
    overvalued state (which was intentionally done to help cushion the blow of
    the impending crash in the tech sector as these companies are sitting on
    enormous dollar reserves) It’s going to be a merry-go-round of crashes and
    not a 2008-type event.

  10. Steve James

    Guys, keep buying gold, silver and bitcoin, This is the best single action
    we can take right now to spare our family from the incoming stock market
    bubble pop.

  11. NOpcBS

    My question is not so much if gold and silver values will rise, but whether
    it’s better to hold the physical or stock? I know most people push the
    tangible, but in reality it’s hard to sell and you aren’t likely to get
    market value for it. It would be FAR easier to press the sell all button on
    Scottrade and cash out to re-invest elsewhere. Yes or no?

  12. Jack Belt

    Could you make a video one day for people who buy and hold gold and silver
    on when we should look to sell our metals?

  13. A Artisan

    Is the stock market in a bubble? No shit! Ofcourse it is, when you pump
    trillions into it via QE to buy out all the bad investments, that
    eliminates risk and makes everyone go into a spending frenzy on stocks.

  14. steven antal

    The usa has not been in an economic expansion.The usa has been in a
    monetary expansion that did not encourage an economic expansion.

  15. Jay Dudson

    Cheers mike. Rock solid. I appreciate ur efforts here in oz but I’m a kiwi.
    Property in both countries is crazy and unsustainable. Thanks again. Long
    gold n silver as soon as I can convince my wife. Big marketing opportunity
    there mate!!! :)

  16. Wayne Vernon

    I don’t agree with Mike on a lot of issues, but I think he is correct that
    equities are in for a major correction. While QE didn’t inflate the prices
    of good and services, it seems fairly clear that it inflated the price of
    stocks. Calling it a “super bubble” is probably a bit of an exaggeration,
    but a 10% correction seems reasonable.

    When will it happen? Who knows, and dollar strength is encouraging foreign
    savings to migrate to the US bolstering stocks even more. I would suspect
    the correction to occur in 18-24 months though.

    Ironically, I see a correction in the stock market as an indicator of
    economic strength. A correction will come when investors find
    opportunities for a better return. The “better opportunities” are will
    probably be linked to consumer debt instruments, meaning the public has
    stopped deleveraging. This is good. ;)

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