Leontyne Price “The silver swan” by Rorem

October 8, 1978.
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25 thoughts on “Leontyne Price “The silver swan” by Rorem

  1. willworkforwages

    Leontyne is the greatest exponent of this song. Noone will either match or
    surpass her performances of it. I’m uncertain if Ned Rorem composed this
    for her, but it sousnds as if he could have.

  2. BonnieBitch

    Just FYI — the D-flat (C-sharp) is at 2:01, and I did wet myself the first
    time I heard it. It is perfect.

  3. lovesGenet

    EveBeglarian is wonderful.Minimalism has complexity and girth. Why can’tI
    find a Rorem song I feel.This is the best I heard.I will keep listening to
    this & in the morning.Hehas elegance but I want boulez,wrath and
    indignation too.Boulez gets nature in a way I like too even ewhen he is
    quiet. there’s got to be some greatgayAmerican composers. I like rorem’s
    books.fantastic mind.Hope violin concerto is awesome or the 4 piano
    concerti.He gets a lot done.Hundreds of songs !and he was hot .

  4. violatione

    This is a very strange version of this piece. I would much rather she sang
    the original.

  5. azangaro joe

    Is that John Wustman accompanying? Of course, there are some pieces of
    music where she is without peer. This is just one example.

  6. asx5252

    @violatione Something tells me you didnt mean the websters definition. And
    I’m not taking personal offense I’m defending an incredible composer and
    brilliant piece of music. I don’t think I’m the one getting out of line and
    getting overly sensitive.

  7. Katie Bolding

    I have returned to this video time and time again. It’s such a refreshingly
    honest performance from one of the greatest!! Please don’t ever take it

  8. Lloyd Evans

    originally by Orlando Gibbons; an English Madrigal written in 1612. sounds
    much nicer than this.

  9. higharch

    This is what performing genius looks and sounds like. This is what it means
    to get inside the text and music. There is no peer. Students look, learn,
    and love.

  10. Phillip Wilcher

    Ned is a sliver swan! One of the world’s finest composers of art song, sung
    here by one of the world’s finest singers! Wonderful!

  11. zinka101

    Wow, this song fits her voice like a glove: warm and soaring. Thanks for
    uploading this.

  12. violatione

    @asx5252 Webster’s defines strange as : not before heard, known or seen. So
    yes this version is quite strange. I never said that you weren’t allowed to
    like strange versions of familiar pieces. Don’t take comments said over the
    web so personally. Such sensitivity has been known to cause yeast

  13. JoyInSinginglist

    One of the truly great voices of the 20th century, and a wonderful

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