Prospecting for gold at the Lucky Strike Mine N.C.

gold prospecting in N. Carolina and having fun.
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9 thoughts on “Prospecting for gold at the Lucky Strike Mine N.C.

  1. michael therrien

    I was at Lucky Strike yesterday. There is a lot of gold colored mica here,
    not like the silver colored in NH.

  2. brandywine68

    @cowsayingmoo102 I have no idea where that is. We where southeast of
    Ashville. About 20 miles south of Marion on 221, on the east side of the
    road down in a valley.

  3. brandywine68

    We do not have any videos of the cleanup. We did the cleanup when we got to
    my parents house in Michigan. We had 4 5 gal buckets. We had a total of 10
    5 gal buckets from 3 states, TN, GA, NC. We didn’t have time to do any
    cleanup while on vacation. I still have 2 5 gal buckets to go through.

  4. brandywine68

    We were in the south western part. Just south of U.S. 40 on highway 221
    (about 10-15 miles south).

  5. brandywine68

    @cowsayingmoo102 Don’t know where that is. We were about 25 miles south of
    Marion on 221. On the east side of the road in a valley. (just southeast 0f

  6. brandywine68

    @amishjim … Well NO… We just went around finding places that had gold
    so we could return later on to stay longer. We were on a tight schedule so
    we couldn’t stay long. We did find some gold. We might go back this fall
    (2011) or next spring (2012). Very nice people there. Down home family

  7. amishjim

    @brandywine68 Did you end up with enough to make the trip worth it? I’m
    from PA and planning a similar camping/panning adventure..

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