CSGO Highlights #2 (Silver to Gold Nova Master)

This video is not Monitised due to the music, Please show your support by leaving a like if you enjoyed the video. 🙂 Things I still need to improve on: + Aiming head level at the majority…
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25 thoughts on “CSGO Highlights #2 (Silver to Gold Nova Master)

  1. Jobolingable

    People whining about people like me whining about being stuck in silver
    about how they instantly got nova 2 or something.. You don’t know how bad
    it is with all the smurfs and terrible teammates who don’t have mics or
    sometimes keyboards and mice

  2. Potatoman Man

    Only if the game ranking system was based on personal performance and not
    team performance.

  3. CanadianGuyReview

    I played CS:GO casually for 1 year, someone told me hey you should try out
    competitive, so i played my 10wins (i was very awful) and received Nova3, i
    dont know how you guys receive silver ranks XD 

  4. Weeshnaw

    I got placed Silver 1 and am Silver 4 after 55 wins. Am I going at a good
    rate? As we saw here, you got placed a high silver, so it’s not that
    comparable. I don’t blame anything other than the game needing a lot of
    grind, I usually score well and am a good caller.

    BTW, for those complaining, smurfs should *HELP YOU GET BETTER*. Just take
    it as an added challenge :)

  5. kksuperdog1

    Ive gone from silver 2 (lowest fragging) to silver 4 (highest fragging
    every game) in a matter of 2 weeks (playing about 2 games a day) once i got
    out of silver 2 its like my brain started to click, and even though im
    silver and most will agree that silvers suck, i have noticed a huge
    improvement in my skill 🙂 

  6. APandaLegs

    I’m still Silver 2 with like 78 wins. I know you need to get like a 5 win
    streak to rank up but how can I? Any tips?

  7. NovaStone

    wow, this makes me feel bad, i have won 30 rounds and im silver 3… you
    won 18 and are silver elite and doing stuff i couldn’t dream of doing…

  8. santi mendoza

    im legendary eagle and at some point of this video i thought you where
    hacking 😀 like you were following them with the crosshair while they where
    moving on the other side of the map you know :D

  9. Patrick Star



  10. jack nguyen

    how to get to silver rank 2 help me plzz is it i have to win competitive
    match 3 in a row right? if no someone help me plzzz

  11. szopad

    Most people can’t rank up because of shitty PC and you really need a high
    FPS for this game.
    if you have more than 100FPS it’s pretty much an auto rank-up to gold and
    you start from there

  12. CuriousFear

    I just ranked up to Silver Elite (So happy lol) is it possible to get to
    Gold Nova 1 in a week?

  13. wizardsbane

    +Fmlad What were some things you did to practice that you felt helped you
    better your game?

  14. MrTopGunnar

    im silver 4 with like 20 matches won. im not even good at the game i think
    ive just been lucky with the teams i get on. the 20 games are my only cs
    experience ive only played death match a couple times to warm up. sad thing
    is i only play 2 maps though because those are the only ones i know well…
    need to do casual in the others

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