How to Buy Stocks with Online Brokers: TD Ameritrade thinkorswim [Stock Market 101 Course #09-03] – Excerpt from FREE “Course 101: Stock Market Basics for Beginners.” Instructor: Corey Rosenbloom ( ====== TAKE COURSE 101 FREE ======…

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26 thoughts on “How to Buy Stocks with Online Brokers: TD Ameritrade thinkorswim [Stock Market 101 Course #09-03]

  1. Valus Jackson

    the bawsack market wont open up…. it says the market is down for
    maintenence try again later… NEED HELP :L

  2. Cody Sturgill

    Okay so for anyone having troubles, Redwood does shoot back up, or it did
    for me, but it took a lot longer than two days. Be patient with it and if
    after two weeks in game, the shares haven’t shot way up, wait for it to be
    positive, and just sell, I waited about 10 days in game and sold at 280%

  3. ben007brink

    +JoblessGarrett Hi, to get enough money to buy all properties and have some
    fun, let’s say 500 million. Do you HAVE to do the first assassination stock
    market thing with the pharmaceuticals or not. I have 1 million in game and
    have done the first assassination so would I be able to get the required
    money with the other four? Thanks

  4. shark boy Lu

    if u do the assasination missions does that mean only franklin cant become
    a billionare?

  5. fwwaller

    Exactly how much money am I supposed to invest in any of these companies?
    How many shares should I buy to attain the amount of money you’re talking

  6. Povilas45

    Alright. My outcome has been a bit different than what this guy said. I
    have made 1.5 billion dollars with each character. Michael and Trevor 1.5
    bil each and Franklin 1.6 bil. And my stocks have been a bit different
    than how it was for this guy. Debonaire went up to me for 100%, instead of
    80% like for this guy, Redwood stock wen’t up only to 270%, instead of 300%
    like for this guy, Fruit went up 52%, Vapid went up exactly 100% and Gold
    Coast went up to 140% for me 😀 Thanks for the tutorial bro ! it helped me
    a lot

  7. NiceDo 101

    Thanks man but i invested 17 M in the VAP after i have done the mission,
    and advanced the clock but it is still 8.16 up it didn’t go up for 100

  8. musicjunkiie2393

    My fruit shares wont move from -32.89 i will lose 48328208. This sucks, any
    one help?

  9. ArtFreddy1

    How do you get your return percentage to reach 80% before you sell?
    I only go as high as 45%.
    It doesn’t go higher than that.
    And I’ve been trying everything.
    It does not pass 45%.

    I put $32million with all three characters, and my return is only
    I’m loosing soo much money.
    It’s frustrating because I’m trying to make more money to purchase some
    properties, and since the last gen consoles, I’ve been trying to invest
    with all three characters and my numbers are different from youtubers.
    Can someone tell me if there’s another way or trick to it?

  10. Ethan Tollison

    How long do I have to wait for the 80% return on deb it’s taking forever

  11. Bonn EmDoF

    Can you still earn money from stocks if you are already done with all

  12. Young Hollywood

    I figured something out. If you save and over shoot. Reload the save where
    it was somewhat close to the peak, the pay out is way more. I had a 906%
    return. Just made 14 million off of like 1.2 mill on redwood lol. Not
    everyone will get 900 though. But it will be definitely over 300%. 

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