999 silver is the measurement of long term value

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_G3eCTzzJw U.S. Debt Out of Control, “Gold is Catastrophe Insurance” | Rick Rule.

9 thoughts on “999 silver is the measurement of long term value

  1. Anon amouse

    The way I see it is, my metals are another layer to my insurance policy to
    try and protect my children and family from hard times during the economic
    upheaval. That’s after the food storage, and growing of food. If I don’t
    need to rely on them for that, then they might come in handy when I retire
    as if we do go through the kind of turmoil and reset I envisage. My
    pensions including military & public sector won’t be worth a loaf of bread
    a week.

  2. canadiansilvervein

    Great vid, I agree. Time will tell how long this conversion will take

  3. Diane Alden

    My father started collecting silver and gold decades ago. Much of it has
    numismatic value as well as the gold or silver content … that means
    whatever the phony price of gold or silver is on the comex.. the PM has
    added value. I hope you are correct Alexis and the real value of gold and
    silver comes out of the rigged markets.. but how long that will take .. is
    anyone’s guess. They have kept this house of cards intact a lot lot longer
    than I thought possible. And there are still people out there touting the
    great deals in real estate .. I discovered today the Chinese becoming among
    the biggest land holders in the US.

  4. Ben Dover

    Well if you want to compare dollars to assets eg metals, you first need to
    explain what they are. Gold and silver preserve wealth and are protected
    from inflation. Where as dollars are just debt notes issued by the govt.
    dollars rise and fall in value depending on the country’s GDP. Within that
    country dollars will be paid for service and product that people trade for.
    The problem with gold and silver only a percentage of the world now it’s
    value where as the major population of each country knows it’s dollar and
    it’s value to buy product. In the west you can show a US dollar and get
    what you need. You show gold and people scratch their head. You go to poor
    areas of the world and they know what gold is because they know it’s value.
    When the US dollar crashes you will find out the true value of the precious
    metals because people will need more paper to buy it.

  5. MrLeon1701

    problems are coming but to what level pain people going to have. do you
    think hyperstagflation may happen but will canada feel less pain ?

  6. maskmaker3977

    ive had personal experience with banks , me and wife saved many years for
    house loan, when we went to get $ for deposit, the bank anz had no money to
    give us only bank cheque,, we have to pay for this service , they had no $
    37,ooo to give me ,, AMAZING ,,since then we have bought many silvers bars
    and coins ,we carry no $ in bank except bills needed ,, any savings goes
    into silver REAL MONEY not fake currency as banks have currency controls
    ,,, they keep depositors $ and call it PROFITS that’s how they earn
    billions in profits per 3 MONTHS,, you cant get your own $ out of bank

  7. Accuracy Marked

    printing money and propping up really can make the numbers be anything they
    want them to be…six years and counting…very impressive.

  8. Accuracy Marked

    Agreed..holders of hard assets will be rewarded in the future….they
    certainly put us through their charade of manipulation for years and years.

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