Where to find FREE SILVER in scrap electronics!

This is a quick video on where to find silver in ewaste. It is found in many places! Here is a little guide on where to look. Special thanks to NedLandry, Indeeditdoes and of course Drew…

25 thoughts on “Where to find FREE SILVER in scrap electronics!

  1. Paul Haig

    Hey Moose….those silver contacts you find in televisions……are they
    solid silver or are they just plated silver?

  2. Christopher D. Jaramillo

    Mostly I have a question, all the wire in electronics are silver in color
    do you have any idea what those metals are. Some have a yellowish shine to
    them could that be from gold??… And I do enjoy your videos you show
    everything well thank you for that…

  3. luis morel

    i love you man im extreamly poor and have no car and i have a realy hard
    time getting food on my plate and if u see my house you will probably think
    im better off liveing in a cave since my cilling is falling and i will try
    this colecting this all to try and get my life going a bit you probably
    think i am lazy and dont want to work but there is no work here and what
    little work there is pays like dollers per day full time job no im not in
    mexico or out of the usa im in puerto rico and yes its some how part of the
    usa i will try this out to see if i can get a bit atlest to get a car and
    use the car to work diliverying stuff or enything i can do

  4. Daniel Siskron

    I am glad people such as yourself take the time to post these Video
    Films.,,…,it is Very Helpful and Educational……..Thanks for

  5. Keith Barwick

    I’d probably have to watch the vid a few more times to remember all that
    contains bits of silver…Nice video, but I think it may be too caustic
    with the chemicals and all that. I’d rather hunt in half dollars and just
    buy silver. Maybe one day, who knows…

  6. lutaud boulhilet

    Yes thank you, it should be to get the gold, but I do not know. types of
    computers or Phone

  7. roger storer

    Instead of using acid on the Mylar sheets from keyboards I use hydrogen
    peroxide & white distilled vinegar 1:1 ratio & low heat. The mix is used
    for pbc etching Takes about 4 hours & its safer. This mix will turn a lot
    of metals into a powder but it will not touch gold so be shore to use some
    type of Pyrex dish for this & do not lay the sheets flat also find some way
    to stand them up so the silver goes to the bottom instead of searing to the
    Mylar sheets thought I would share 

  8. TwoSteps Ahead

    I was thinking to start scrapping too.. can you give me some advice Tools

  9. TitanF150

    I find when scrapping out OLD thermostats I find Mercury. Do you also have
    a buyer for that? 

  10. lamp592

    Moose..do Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor scrap for dirty aluminum value?
    Also, tantalum capacitors have me going cross eyed trying to identify them.
    There are soooo many varieties of them. Can you do a more detailed video
    on that topic as well that includes good photos of the wide range of these
    capacitors? Thanks for the videos. 

  11. Carolyn Flores

    Great tutorial thank you. I have a question that does not get addressed on
    any tutorials that i have seen. Where does one sell the silver? 😀 

  12. Quaalude Charlie

    An IBM model M Keyboard sells for close to $200.00 on ebay because it is
    vintage and a lot of Packard Bell Keyboards are pretty rare , I,m not
    agents scrapping , I had to to eat half of my life , but knowing the value
    of any vintage Computer items is important , I will scrap non working
    keyboards , radiators , copper , some Cell Phones , I just try to keep in
    mind if it is worth more as a working possibly rare computer item , I still
    gave you a thumbs up for the video 🙂 QC

  13. Danny Meinecke

    can you make a video on looking for scrap and what to look for while
    driving thanks in advanece

  14. leighatkins22

    Interesting places I never knew they used silver. Am used to looking &
    finding it in PCs & phones. Thanks.

  15. Dalia Fortuna

    OK thanx also if been trying to subscribe and it keeps telling network
    problem 141

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