Buy Gold!!!

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12 thoughts on “Buy Gold!!!

  1. Patrick Vallicella

    Buy now…$1360….it will go up to $1780 in three weeks…very good
    return…when it hits $1830 unload it….Watch China’s buying trend…they
    will be buying like mad….and the price will peek at $1830 to $1870…if
    it hits these numbers sell it and ait until it drops to $1200…it will be
    a good two months of sell offs….based off of domestic panic sells…China
    will get it for cheap…price will go back up…get the drift…this will
    happen for two to three months…

  2. Jeremy Schwibner

    @Einstiensblackid You are right. Everyone still thinks we are the safe
    play. And this is a trend that cannot continue forever. When the rest of
    the world feels like it, they can walk away from the dollar. We can not.
    I’d rather ride out the temporary rises in the dollar now than be holding
    it well into the future. The Schiffers invest for the long term. I don’t
    look to time trends, and neither does Schiff. He doesn’t try to hide that
    fact.The Schiff bashers should just accept it already.

  3. misplaced aus

    Peter wouldn’t be a millionaire if he was unable to give sound financial
    advice – if his advice was designed to “sucker” people out of their money,
    they would stop doing business with Euro Pacific Capital… but they don’t
    because the advice is well founded and playing out comprehensively in the
    financial markets….

  4. commonsense2008

    Anyone wonders why Buffet invest 44 billion in Burlington? this is the
    LARGEST buy yet for Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. What could be so
    profitable about the railway system that this man would put an “all in” bet
    on it, unless it is about to get used more than ever? An entire railway
    company by a KNOWN Elite definately raises some eyebrows. Maybe we should
    look into FEMA and railroads, and find some of the answers…

  5. casienwhey

    saw this quote on another website: “Gold is a concrete store of value with
    six millennia of proven track record as a monetary commodity behind it. The
    dollar, in its current configuration, has only been in existence for 39
    years and is a fiat currency in a world where every fiat currency except
    for those currently in use has failed. Every single one”.

  6. js1112111

    the Fed could cut the supply and force the US into bankruptcy but they will
    not do so. I am courious as to where you think this government can cut
    enough to even pay the interest on the money they have borrowed. The fed
    could put interest rates at 21% and gold would crash but the US would fail
    and they wont do it..I think they should have done it and let the people
    feel the pain,you can tell a kid 500 times not to touch something because
    it is hot. the only way he will learn is by touching it.

  7. t4705mb6

    The British “Crown” (The LONDON CITY STATE) will confiscate your gold under
    the guise of the “Federal Reserve Bank” as they did in 1933. You will get
    about 10% (or less) than value. If you do NOT give your gold to the NWO
    they will arrest you. In the past the penalties were deemed harsh for
    “hording gold”. TEN YEARS! This time around it will be FAR worse! If you
    don’t give up your gold purchases you will be labeled a “terrorist”. The
    NWO can’t allow people owning REAL value all Willy Nelson!

  8. DirectCore

    @laptoprepairs I already have purchased some ounces of gold/silver coins
    from the South African Gold Coin Exchange. Thank you.

  9. stealthswimmer

    government has tons of places they could cut. They could pull troops home,
    they could drastically cut back on welfare programs, get rid of the
    Department of Education, get rid of the Department of Agriculture and let
    the market take care of that(especially since communication is easier
    thanks to computers these days), stop maintaining parks and make them
    private parks, Same could go for libraries, cut back drastically on
    regulations which means lower costs to enforce them, etc.

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