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JEWELRY CUSTOMIZER – Video 2 Making of 14 karats white gold ring with emerald cut blue sapphire

Search or create your own design and call to customize by: YARING PLATERO – A small time jeweler who teach and explains well. He named Yaring Platero for himself because some of his foreign customers are calling him “Kuya Yaring Platero”. But Yaring Platero means “Workmanship of a Jeweler”. Platero is a tagalog translation of goldsmith or jeweler. Yaring Platero is a family skilled jeweler with a vast experience in Gold and Silver jewelry manufacturing. He is not advertising jewelry by exaggeration or misrepresentation. He is always getting straight and easy to deal with, not through sales talk but with reasonable and competitive price base on present gold value with standard procedure of melting and alloying, proper description of diamonds from The 4C’s, with reasonable production and excess cost. Yaring Platero carefully explains all steps and procedures to the inquiring customers on how to customize their jewelry, so that they can decide to buy or to order without having a doubt. Yaring Platero is not comparing his workmanship and services from other jewellers or jewelry sellers just to captivate customers, instead his advice to the customers is to explore and find their right jeweler. Yaring Platero is not chasing customers to convince them to order for their jewelry, because he believe that if you trust his workmanship and you need your jewelry to be made, then Yaring Platero’s job is to establish his lifetime customers through his being a standard jewelry
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