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Black and Gold at the University of Central Florida

Black and Gold is comprised of dedicated leaders on campus who are committed to fulfilling your needs as students at the University of Central Florida! Our C…
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Metals Surge as Central Banks Buy Gold: Commodities at Close

Metals Surge as Central Banks Buy Gold: Commodities at Close
Russia and Kazakhstan expanded gold reserves in March for the sixth straight month, International Monetary Fund data show. The volume for the Shanghai Gold Exchange's benchmark contract has been more than four times last year's daily average every …
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Gold Helps China May Day Sales Rise 20%
Corruption lead to buy gold and that is an easy way to hide their money . 5. gold loving is Chinese tradition and a sign of rich for 5000 years. They like shown off. 6.Chinese is good at math, they know the gold value. 7. Government encourage people to …
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SocGen Repeats $10000 Target as Central Banks Buy Gold, ETFs Sell, Indian

SocGen Repeats 000 Target as Central Banks Buy Gold, ETFs Sell, Indian
WHOLESALE PRICES to buy gold rose to an 8-session high just shy of $ 1450 per ounce in London trade Thursday morning, recovering 45% of this month's near-record slump. Asian stock markets also ticked higher, but European shares were flat while …
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Bargain hunters in gold buy spree
Gold rose more than 2 per cent yesterday as bargain hunters across Asia bought up physical gold bars and jewellery after the precious metal hit two-year lows last week. Even the US Mint reported sales of gold coins to the public of 167,500 ounces so …
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Central Bank Buying Of Gold Is A Double-Edged Sword

Central Bank Buying Of Gold Is A Double-Edged Sword
Central bank buying of gold in my opinion isn't necessarily a good thing for gold, and in fact has done very little to support the price of gold, which peaked prior to 2012. The reason central bank buying isn't a good thing for gold investors is that …
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As gold drops below 50, is it time to buy?
"Last week, neither the crisis in Cyprus nor, most recently, the one in North Korea prompted sustained buying of gold – despite its reputation as a safe asset in times of strife," he said. Experts are divided as to whether the gold price will fall …
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Central Banks Buying Gold For No Reason

Central Banks Buying Gold For No Reason
Such reports ignore the fact that ½ of the world (the largest half, by dollar value) is not allowed to buy any gold. The corrupt, debt-bloated regimes of North America and Europe (represented by their especially-corrupt central banks) can't buy any …
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The Most Affordable Way to Buy Gold: Physical Gold or ETFs?
Gold – valued as a currency, commodity and investment for thousands of years – is popular among today's investors because it can be used as a 05hedge against currency devaluation, inflation or deflation, and due to its ability to provide a "safe haven" …
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NATIONAL CITY — The City Council on Tuesday granted its first new conditional permits for buying and selling gold to Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, both located at Westfield Plaza Bonita. The jewelry stores are owned by Sterling …
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Central Banks "Optimal Strategy" Is to Buy Gold

Central Banks "Optimal Strategy" Is to Buy Gold
Chinese households are now the world's second-largest private buyers of gold each year, growing their demand to buy gold by 350% in the last 5 years, and buying more gold since the end of 2011 than the People's Bank reports in its entire official reserves.
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Gold And Silver Warning – Do Not Buy At Your Own Peril
As we have been saying about gold and silver, consistently/persistently: Firstly, buy the physical metals, then HOLD THEM PERSONALLY. If you do not hold it, you do not own it. That advice has not been intended as some catchy phrase, for if Cyprus does …
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Can you buy gold in your IRA?
Interest in owning gold has increased along with the price of the metal in recent years, but can you buy gold in an IRA? Should you? What happens to your ability to use IRAs when you already have a 401(k)? What is the maximum one can put in a …
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Are Central Banks Manipulating Gold?

Are Central Banks Manipulating Gold?
Gold prices are being kept artificially low by Western Central Banks and "no one alive" has ever seen the true price of gold, according to Chris Powell, Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). GATA, an organization co-founded by …
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Is the price of gold manipulated Libor-style?
The Wall Street Journal and the Guardian reported yesterday that the CFTC is discussing the level of transparency involved in the gold price setting process that involves two daily teleconferences with five of the world's major banks: Barclays …
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