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The soul according to investors and those seeking employment report

Dow 4

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shares fluctuated Friday, attempts to understand how investors a low ratio of employment would affect future movements of the Federal Reserve.

ended flat, while the S & P 500 and Tech 30 Index was almost unchanged. The major indexes ended the first full trading week mixed in 2014, with the completion of lower Dow and the S & .; P 500 and the Nasdaq into positive territory

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jobs report was the story of the day, the economy href = ‘http://rss.cnn.com/2014. “:” I just want

And while the monthly employment report is often regarded as the best indicator for measuring only a job, “the health of the economy were minimize some analysts.

“The shares are jerks of a basic economic impact of a disappointing number for a month,” said Jim Vogel of FTN Financial, added that other recent economic data have been positive.

The economy continues to improve and not to change the unemployment report, said David Lutz, Stifel Nicolaus,

He believes traders are looking to employment and to feel that comfortable that the Fed does not increase the size of the cone soon. Now the Fed buys $ 75000000000 1 months bond, a decrease of $ 85 billion previously. It had expectations that the Fed will continue to reduce more at its next meetings, the size of the bond purchases of $ 10 billion or., it is no longer safe.

yields the rel = “nofollow” target = “http://rss.cnn.com/video/investing/2014/01/10/investing-the-buzz-sears-jc-penney-retail-holiday.cnnmoney” score of 10-year Treasury Dropped Investors bought more bonds. (price and prices move in opposite directions.) This is another sign that the market is betting that the Fed will act with more caution.

“This is a total skittles” Lutz said the market reaction.

: Fear & Greed index still shows greed

What works: target ( TGT Fortune -500 ) shares were under pressure after the dealer’s 70 million people had stolen in the past information security breach of credit cards and debit cards.

“nice target =” http://rss.cnn.com/video/investing/2014/01/10/investing-the-buzz-sears-jc-penney-retail-holiday.cnnmoney “work $ TGT – you have managed this fiasco as bad as you can, “joked StockTwits shopping 1nvestor .

The announcement of the injury occurred a few hours after Goldman Sachs gave a growth target “Buy” and forecast sharp gains for the traders in 2014.

A StockTwits users thought would “will go green” update upgrade Goldman Sachs despite new Piracy target.

, said mytfine . “must support the upgrade.”

But it has not happened yet.

Alcoa ( chaku is optimistic about the stock and shrugged shoulders of the downward movement.

AA which will increase again .. very common to panic,” said he did.

Kmart sucks! And so is Sears …

Sears (“inlink_chart> SHLD , assets href = ‘http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2013/snapshots/2292.html “> ) shares fell more than 13% after the retailer reported a sharp drop in same-store sales during the holiday season and gave a forecast lower than expected.

BlessMe . Abercrombie & Fitch ( FedGamer felt some profit taking was okay.

ANF Who sells and fled lives another day to sell, “he said.

European markets most of the time finished higher, while Asian markets closed with mixed results

-. Annalyn Kurtz CNNMoney contributed to this report t  To the top